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The Strigil

by Inny

  • Cassette + Digital Album

    Lime green cassette tape with light blue/green or cream colored J-cards and a hand sewn lyric book insert. Hand numbered edition of 100.

    Includes unlimited streaming of The Strigil via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more.
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    edition of 100 

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  • Streaming + Download

    Includes unlimited streaming via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more.
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      $8 USD  or more


We're at the gates of our heavenly host. Sugar and cream on a fur coat. Sugar and cream down your throat. It's only a few days until our demise. We're having a feast then we die, so give up your keys. You're running everywhere to hide. You find a coward waiting. The udder is full and there's nothing as pure. So drink like the roots. Suck like the roots. Two fingers in peace and two more in the wound. We know how to clear a room, gettin' high on the fumes. You're running everywhere to hide. You find a coward waiting. That's the price, that's the price per pound. That's your lies, that's your lies out loud. She was brilliant, fit, and popular A pleasure to work alongside Smelling sweeter than the platitudes she exchanged while standing in the line, the lunch line.
Counting losses with your wand and I intend to find patterns that repeat in time. Charming creases will unfold. A tried and true approach. Bold and brazen, wagging so... Unbearable, but quite immaculate that wall of teeth. A slew of epithets from you. Softened by the glass. I'm careening like a truck without breaks on bends. How much more can you withstand? Slept away and stayed aloof. No, I don't want the truth. Just more of your brand of abuse. I'll wash you out. Gonna rinse you down. Acolytes cling to you. Your victims, slain. Slashed down my back, bled down the drain. No sentiment, no photographs, no urns, no ash.
Now: logs are sawed into halves, lain long, made into a raft. The water flows out of the mouth. I float. Calm and satisfied smile on my face. Memory erased. No beginning and no... Spoiler alert, loyal viewers. They won't be returning this year, as their contract was "insufficient, stifling, revoking their privileges" and with a rude dismissal we sent them walking to the lip of the bottomless pit. Wrote them right out of the script, played it off sweet as pie, and we feigned our regrets, it was all for our benefit. Raging and cuffed at the scene, they bent their necks in the cage. Of rubbish we're rid as the lights slowly dim and we take a bow. No beginning and no...
A Virtue 03:12
Make a plan to escape and I'll probably go. Take the wheel, I'll just stare out the window. Burn the map, I don't care where we end up. Answering, but the phone doesn't ring, 'cause I'm just fooling myself. Didn't have much to say but I had a good time. Stay busy drinking so I'm not doing nothing. Is there a virtue in the absence of wanting anything but a good seat? You make history, yeah, I'll just watch. I wanna save myself and give up at the same time. Either way, I'm fine. Still half alive, I'll still wait in line for that handshake with my eyes shut. Is this punishment for being scared? Is there something else I hadn't noticed? So detailed, defined? Impressions, past lives Determined, all sighs. My timeline is revised Shame shredded so fine.
A sliver of light cut straight through the fog. A visible path had not been seen for days. When it emerged, the strays did arch their backs. They wove in and out in the form of an obscene hex. Their yowls so sour. Try in my good ear, please. I beg your pardon, oh excuse me, sir I got lost, the mirage led me astray. As a fast talking salesman swindles, thread pulled off the spindle. Overflowed, as you and I walked in the park. I had no thoughts of the future Trapped, free in the open, so deceived. Run for cover, oh, become the color of the yolk. Rattling chains of a Christmas ghost haunting you. Run for cover, oh, become the color of the yolk A smallish game the hunter smote. Known to evade every battlefield An infantry of lonely thoughts conform Are glad to comply with terms and conditions that arouse my suspicions I took it in and wrong. I'm preparing for a warm escape, so hold your breath and wait and please go slow.
Intake A room to wait A form to fill out Dull doubt, malaise Sleep tight and never let it show on your face. Placate, loosen their grip you never had the guts, you had everything but keep it locked and shut and just learn to behave a model slave. They keep a record of errors They keep offenders at bay Converting dollar amounts for getting excellent grades. Analyze your motives everything that you say Keep an eye on your actions Take you out of the game. Hear the fading clamor, marvel at the dawn, memories of amber, extracted from the sun exploding. Worship bullets grazing cheeks of fabled lords the holy blood runs thin, salt stinging their tongue in a terrible win. Hear the fading clamor, marvel at the dawn, Obscured by smoke they stand, ash smudged in their squint, poised and aiming Worship bullets grazing cheeks of fabled lords A boot plants its claim, in a terrible win, a terrible end. The edges of plots begin in a terrible end, terrible win.
I guess I'm sitting this one out That ship just sailed into the storm Its sails are sewn with my regrets This bridge will burn to keep us warm. At least this glass is half full so blindly optimistic keeps me reliable at best. My confidence is shaking can't find the concentration it's incomplete, I can't connect Unsure, not seen. I need to figure this one out this drought is signal to explore the starry sanctimony fills the ears that cannot hear the war. These plaintive songs are reserved for the strongest absence of grace. Searching for an answer Stopping now to wonder. Unsure, unseen.
A gloved hand signals in distress as the season drains clogged with leaves there is no response indifference negate emergency, just like we've become cold and estranged. an unfamiliar looking to you for a second chance. Splitting lids, an open maw stretched, fuming, all but broken I paid you off, vanished in the morning feeling tense and eager Never thought I'd sleep this close to my enemy. Swept behind a wall of your dark fortress, I was never safe. (the stitches come loose my cover was thin and now blown barely breathing in the face of fear sore and exposed) The roof caved in from the weight. Their hounds have picked up a trace. There are things the human heart endures not worth sharing. When you're failing, swept out in the waves, there's no pulling you in, pulling you in. Forced to put some distance in the space, shaped like your shame. When they see you wrecked, in disarray, they turn cold and go. Isn't anything they haven't known. It's not worth sharing.


released March 7, 2020

Brody M: guitar, vocals
Dan O'Hara: bass guitar
Tuviya Edelhart: drums

Recorded and mixed by Dan O'Hara during the winter of 2018 at Plural Mural
Mastered by Fester in his hypercube


all rights reserved



Inny Portland, Oregon

Not a outie

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